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  • StanSidhu

    Stan Sidhuis Professor of Surgery in the University of Sydney Endoaine Su1Jical Unit. He has one of thelaraest pure EndocrineSurgical practices in Australia and is responsible fortralnlng local andoverseas Endocrine Surgeons In Fellowship positions based at Hornsby and RoyaiNorthShoreHospitals. He is President of Australian Endocrine surgeons and the first Australian surgeon ever appointed to the Editorial Board oftheAnnals of Surgery.He has been a dlnlcal and translational researcher for over 10 years. His research hasfocused on clinical outcome studies and translational cancer research in thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal tumours. He has made significant contributions to the understanding of the oncogenomlcs of adrenocortical cancer and the use of microRNAs as diagnostic, prosnostic and therapeutic ta11ets In adrenocortical cancer. maltsnantpheochromocytoma and thyroid cancer. Most recentl'6 hehascontributed totheeme11insfield of miRNA regulation of autophagy in medullary thyroid cancer. He Isengaged In a collaboration with a biotechnology firm EngeneiC who hold several patents over a unique cancer cell targeted In vivo nanopartlcle delivery system. He has supervised 9doctoral students and 2 postdoctoral scientists. He is a former NSW Cancer Institute Research Fellow leading national adrenal cancer consortium to find better ways to treat this difficult disease. In the last decade he has presented at a number of local and lnternatlonal clinical and scientific meetings and is currently the author or co-author of over130publicationsinpeer reviewed journals and book chapters.

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