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  • SainiBalasubmmanian

    He joined the University of Sheffield In 2001asa Clinical Research Lecturer In SurgicalOncoiOBY and was involved in the "Sheffield Breast Cancer Study" looking at low penetrance aenespredlsposlna to susceptibility and severity of breast cancer. He completed his PhD and stayed with the University as Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Specialist Registrar in General Surgery till he completed his clinical training in General surgery and Endocrine surgery In 200!1. He then did a Fellowship in Endocrine Surgery in King's College Hospital, London. He then returned to work In Sheffield In 2010 and iscurrently NIHR funded AcademicSeniorClinicallecturerfrom 2010.

    His research Interests are Investigation of the roleofSentinel Node Biopsy In Thyroid Cancer andIts application In clinical practice, Epidemiology and causation of Su11ical Endocrine Disease (of the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and pancreas),investigating the evidence base for the surgical management of Thyroid and Parathyroid disease and exploring newtreatmentstrategies.

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