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Short Course for counselors in Diabetes Mellitus

The Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism will be organizing a Diabetes Educator Training Programme from 21st to 31st May, 2018.

The course is recognized by the Dr. MGR Medical University for 30 CNE (Continuing Nurses Education) credit points. Certificates will be awarded on completion

FOR REGISTRATION DETAILS & DATES, CONTACT - Mrs. Vijaya @ 9789725281 / 0416-228-3156.


WHO CAN APPLY: Nurses, Dieticians

COURSE FEE: 6,200/- (It covers Course Materials, Lunch & Refreshments)

Note: Registration for this batch (May 2018) is closed. Those who interested to participate in the upcoming batch, can send their resume to the given email address.

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The Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, CMC, Vellore, have undertaken a project to help the institutions develop high quality diabetes care services Diabetes is increasingly being recognized as a public health problem in India. India today leads the world with the largest number of persons affected by diabetes. Its prevalence is about 3 % in rural areas and around 11 % in urban areas. The proper management of diabetes can significantly reduce complications in the long term. One of the common complications that frequently goes unrecognized is loss of sensation in the feet, resulting in frequent occurrence of ulcers leading to amputations. This project therefore, aims to strengthen four specific aspects of diabetes care:

  • Medical Management, dietary counseling, exercise and lifestyle modification
  • Patient education and guidance
  • Foot care including use of orthopedic shoe.
  • Setting up integrated diabetes clinics with an emphasis on the close functioning of the Diabetes Nurse Educator and Doctor.

For the purpose of the project, training of the Doctors and Nurse Educator will be done by the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, CMC, Vellore coordinated by Dr. Nihal Thomas

Participation in the project for the hospital would make a significant contribution to mission hospitals in the way their diabetes patients are treated and managed. It would imply:

Ability of the institution to provide high quality care to their diabetic patients.

Availability of standard guidelines for the management of Diabetes, along with the checklist based screening programmes.

Smooth flow of patients (relevant investigations before seeing the physicians, foot care,diabetes education, dietary counseling).

Cost-effective management for both the hospital and the patient.

Reduction of complications thereby reducing the costs of the patients.

Develop a team for quality diabetes management.

The following are the details of the training Programme:

For WhomWhereDuration
Diabetes Nurse Educator / Dietician / PhysiotherapistDepartment of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, Christian Medical College, Vellore10 days

Eligibility Criteria :

Diabetes Nurse EducatorDiploma or B.Sc. Nursing with a Leadership Quality and a sense of flexibility and imagination.
PhysiotherapistBPT / MPT
DieticianB.Sc in Dietetics

If you are willing and interested to participate in the Quality Care Initiative training Programme, please do let us know through mail or phone contact. The next training Programme dates are:

Please understand the holistic nature of this project and the necessity of doctors and paramedics integrating with each other.

For details, you can contact:

Dr. Nihal Thomas, 098431-11996 / 0416-228-2694
Ms. Vijayalakhmi, -9789725281 / 0416-228-3156
Mrs. Bharathi – 9894317506 / 0416-228-3156
Fax No.0416-4200844
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